In New York City, the signs and signals that we live by are crystal clear:
Red light, green light. Walk, wait.  Yes, no.  Inside the door, behind the velvet ropes.

But, when it comes to subtle shifts in perception, feelings and even seasons…it can be much less so.  Like today: it’s October 1st–officially fall–and I carried a leather jacket over my arm both to and from work, not needing to wear it, and still arrived at the office and back at my apartment a little flushed.

This past weekend, I took a road trip 3 hours north to a little town called Manchester, VT and found a mix of lingering summer and the new season on its way.

Fresh berries and just-picked pumpkins from the patch.  Warm sunshine and a kaleidoscope of colored leaves.  Bright polos and bulky cable sweaters on preppy boys.


A little local color…



Small town, big boot!






Up Mount Equinox by day.


Back down by night.


A spectacularly beautiful sunset that night kept me warm during the chilly morning that followed.

How are you saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall?

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