Back at Gleason’s, here’s where it gets hardcore.

By now, it has been more than an hour and I’ve just finished several rounds on the punching bag.

I’m taking a (much-needed) breather.

Boxing is seriously challenging, on a cardiovascular level, in comparison with cycling or running.  I feel winded.

the heat - part 2 - 5

Moving onto the speed bag…

“The Heat” (aka: Heather Hardy) shows me how it’s done.  Rhythm is a quick 1-2-3, 1-2-3 with your fists in constant motion, no pause, as if they’re pedals on a bike.

the heat - part 2 - 8

the heat - part 2 - 6the heat - part 2 - 7the heat - part 2 - 4

I give it a try, first with one hand, then, with two…it’s much harder than it looks (concentration required).

But, I finally get it.

the heat - part 2 - 1

And, another half hour later…workout complete.  I feel BEYOND AMAZING.

the heat - part 2 - 2

Okay, so: who’s coming with me to Gleason’s for round 2?!
Email now to reserve a spot in my class, led by The Heat:

Top: Lululemon.  Leggings: Lululemon (similar here).  Sneakers: New Balance.

Gleason’s Gym: 77 Front Street, Brooklyn /
Heather Hardy:

Images by: Mariana Zenteno Photography

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