When you find yourself in the office for 10+ hours a day and consistently juggle keeping up with friends and family, working out/race training, taking care of a child, a dog (or both) and dating/wedding planning/marriage in Manhattan, there’s a chance that something might slip your mind.  When that person is me, the forgotten item was: my dress.

Twenty minutes before the photographer arrived for this shoot, I realized that I forgot to pack it in my tote, as I sprinted out the door for work.  So, like with any tough client meeting or training run that’s not going as well as expected, I made the best of it.

Here, I go from my desk to posing in the park with just a few accessories and a quick change of shoe.

So, the next time something like this happens, don’t worry.  Take a deep breath, smile and shake it off.  You can do it, too.

working girl 1

working girl 2

working girl 3

working girl 4

working girl 5

Heels: vintage; Sunglasses by Michael Kors (similar here).  Sperry sneakers by Milly.

Images by Shante Carlan Photography.


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