In fitness (and in life), you need a friend.

With his mega-watt smile, playful personality and perfect plié, you’ll find just that in FlyBarre’s Brandon Goodman.


Brandon got his start in the industry teaching in his living room at 7 a.m.  A former Tracy Anderson Method front desk staffer and member of the popular studio’s “first line of defense,” Brandon had what he calls a long-time “love/hate relationship” with fitness.  He wasn’t overweight, but, he wasn’t in shape, either.  So, using what he learned at his day job and via personal training, he kicked himself into high gear and invited a small but determined crew over for early morning exercise with light weights and high reps (essentially, FlyBarre’s key to success).


He’s a trained actor and creative writer, with a flair for fashion inherited from his mom. He describes her as “the most stylish minster you’ve ever met.” “If it sings to you, then you’ve gotta have it,” he says, listing colorful socks, vintage pieces from Beacon’s Closet and everything by ASOS as his go-to favorites. Check out those leopard print sweatpants! (They’re American Stitch.)


As a guy who not long ago was on the outside looking in, Brandon understands that fitness can be intimidating.  He suggests finding a personal trainer with whom you really connect and can be yourself.  Ask a friend to show you a few things around the gym or tag along with you to that boutique studio you’ve been wanting to try.  “Fitness is where you’re most vulnerable.  You’re either strong or you’re not.  You can either lift that weight or not,” he says, noting that FlyBarre’s classes are designed to be small enough that the instructor keeps a close eye on your form for maximum results but big enough to be social.  Why?  “You’re gonna work hard when someone is watching you.”

If you haven’t tried FlyBarre, a few things to know:

  • When it comes to clothes, the more fitted, the better–but, wear what makes you feel comfortable.
  • Set an attainable goal for just that particular class, whether it’s staying in plank or using your weights for a full song.
  • And, bring socks, if you want (he teaches barefoot, but, lots of students wear them).

Above all, set goals that are realistic and are designed to make you happy.  So, if you’re working out to please your nagging boyfriend/husband or to squeeze into a string bikini for an upcoming beach vacation with friends, you may be heading down the wrong path.

“When it’s only about you, that’s when you change.”

Who needs a sweat session with Brandon?  Book it here.  And follow him around town: @manbgood.

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