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We went to Sicily, Italy.  To Lisbon, Portugal.  And, to Reims in northern France.  International boyfriend?  Nah.  Jet-set, party-girl friend?  Nope.  Even better.

Meet Kristin Kenney, one of my all-time favorite fitness icons.  I followed her at Equinox for years–her Saturday morning cycling class at the 19th Street flagship was the place to work (on yourself).  She’s got a new gig at Revolve, NYC’s newest indoor cycling studio, which opened late last year.

Kristin is a jewelry marketing/e-commerce expert and model turned pro cyclist.  Right now, she bikes 50 miles per week; in the spring, that will bump up to 150.  And, she’s got two kids.  Hello.

Why she’s different: Rides are curated for each class based on real roads in Europe and Asia; Kristin draws our route on the studio mirror, highlighting peaks and valleys, based on actually having done each and every one–outdoors.  Today’s 12:30PM ride: Winterkopf, Austria.

Labels she loves: Giorgio Armani, Isaac Mizrahi, Ralph Lauren Purple and Black labels, and Solow (she’s a brand ambassador).

Fitness motto: “It’s not a matter of whether you can, it’s whether you will.”

Can’t argue with that.  See you there.

Revolve: 52 East 13th Street (btw. University Place and Broadway)




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